stainless steel 304 v 430

What is the difference between 304 and 430?


304 is generally more expensive than 430 because of the chemical composition. Notably, 304 contains between 8 – 10.5% nickel whereas 430 contains 0%. The inclusion of nickel in 304 makes the metal more corrosion resistant than 430 however it is an expensive element which is one of the main reasons for the difference in cost between the 2.


Although 304 is an austenitic grade it can still display magnetic properties after cold working.
430 on the other hand is a ferritic grade which makes it very magnetic.
Although there is a difference in the magnetism between the 2 grades, it should be noted that not all magnetic grades are 430 and not all non magnetic grades are 304.

Chemical composition

3040. – 19.58.0 – 10.5
4300. – 18.0

Corrosion resistance

The introduction to nickel in 304 makes it a much more corrosion resistant grade than 430 however, it does make it more expensive. Where cost is a larger factor than life span, 430 may be more suitable.