Recyclable materials Minerals

Aluminum is entirely recyclable, meaning that old cans can be converted into completely new cans, which reduces the amount of energy needed to make these cans

Aluminum foil: And since there is food residue on these chips, many recycling centers do not prefer to use them, so it is best to clean them well before throwing them in the waste bin, Steel tin and cans: The tin and steel cans are recycled by inserting them into special ovens – and the recycled cans can be mixed with new steel cans – this process is important in reducing and rationalizing energy consumption, as it provides steel and tin cans manufacturing processes that It is recycled with an amount of energy estimated at about 75% compared to the manufacturing processes that take place from scratch

Plastic Disposal of plastics is a serious problem because it consists of non-dissolving materials over time, as it consists of chains of complex molecules, and the cost of producing plastic is low, and it is recycled by sorting and splitting it into different classes and colors.

Paper The importance of paper recycling is to reduce energy use, keep the environment clean, and save its various resources, such as water and trees. Traditional paper making is based on the use of trees as an essential component of the manufacturing process. In industry, paper makes up 20% of all household waste

Glass Recycling can be done in two ways. The first of these is to collect, wash, and sterilize the glass before re-using it again, i.e. without any manufacturing operations on it, while the second method depends on collecting the glass and sorting it according to its color into groups, then breaking and grinding it into small parts Through a special machine, and then filtered it from any other materials attached to it, then melted it and formed it again into a new glass

Electronic devices Recycling processes of electronic devices are not popular as in the case of other commodities, as electronic devices contain many pieces that may contain toxic materials such as mercury, lead, and others, so the process of recycling needs to be specialized in this work, because it requires Separating most components of the device from each other

Other materials The idea of ​​recycling things lies in the search for a beneficial use of them before disposal or throwing them, for example, rubber tires can be used as a buffer, and organic waste can also be converted into fertilizers, and blankets and old clothes can be recycled by collecting and distributing them to a charity to complete